Monday, October 6, 2008

harisu: korean transuperstar

Photobucket i've been meaning to write about harisu, that korean transuperstar, which, incidentally, is my hero. well, i adore her. i want to be just like her. haha. i'm such a stalker. anyways, i've always had this thing for south korea, their culture, their language, and their hot korean boys... and so, harisu, or lee kyung-eun in real life, is living the life i want. (for more info on her, here is her wikipedia article ) she has fully transitioned, and she even got married. way to go. aside from being a pop star, she even has even starred in a movie. she's like, this one big inspiration for me. someday, i too will follow her footsteps. i do hope i'll get to meet her one day. i also hope i could get sponsorship like what she did for that transgirl from china. i wish i'll be the harisu of the philippines. haha. snaps for you harisu!

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