Thursday, February 18, 2010





Thursday, February 11, 2010


yep. it's official. i have been bitten by the glee bug. i absolutely love that lil queer soprano, kurt hummel!

he's absolutely precious!!!! and that single ladies dance?

love it!!!

and i really loved that he also sang defying gravity from wicked.

i hope all the kurt's in the world find their happy ending.

another epiphany

and so, yeah, i'm in singapura yet again, and not for the reasons one my think of.

no, i'm not here for a vacation. no, i'm not here for work. one might even hazard a guess that i'm here because my parental units and my elder sibling is here and i have an infant nephew that needs supervision... my nephew that may or may not have short-term memory loss due to his temporal lobe not functioning properly, or whatever drew barrymore's character in 50 first dates has... why? it's because every friggin' morning he always cries when he sees me, and i have to wait until the afternoon for him to come around and realize i am the same person who took care of him when he was just several months old!

but no. i am here because of my forced exile. i need to find myself.

i have given this post the title, 'another epiphany' for this reason: i was out with a good friend of mine and his friends tonight, and everything was fun and all, until i focused my attention to my friend's friend's breasts. yep, i had an epiphany because of breasts. she had these ginormous mounds, well, they weren't that big, but for her body size? they were effin' HUGE.

and so, i go to thinking, how will i ever reach my current goal? read: get boobies. how will i get my implants? i have been told they cost about 50 kiyaw in thailand... and i was so optimistic that once i get here, i'll be able to save up so whe i go back to my beloved pearl of the orient, viola! tg-girl grew some boobies!!!

but how exactly did i plan on getting them? i had dreamed that i would be able to be a graphic designer here, not a real one, but one that could design at home. a friend's friend told me that if i can send him my designs and perhaps a flash animation, he may be able to help me find a client. if i had clients i could have saved up for my goal.

but no. i recently discovered this ugly attitude that i have. i'm too lazy and i give up too easily. i want to be spoon fed and i don't want to be stuck in a difficult position.

take the kgb position my sister referred me to. answering texts from home. what could be easier? but no, i had so many complaints about it. but the more i think about it, the easier it seems. i may need to think this over once more. and besides, if i do pass that certification, i will have something to while at home and earn some moolah.

and what about odesk? why am i so troubled with it? i find it so difficult. you have to keep on bidding and presenting your portfolio. maybe i just don't have the patience.

and so, this is my promise: i will be more patient. i will keep on trying. later, when i wake up, i will no longer be lazy. i will continue the kgb certification. i will keep on bidding projects on odesk.

i will exercise. i have to lose some weight.

so there.