Sunday, September 14, 2008

and it begins

so i started another online journal. and why name it 'the misadventures of tg-girl'? because. i want to focus on issues i can relate to. so yes, this will be my sort-of part in the advocacy. i want to reach out to the community... by and by, i mean the transgendered community. for tg-girl is transgendered. for you unenlightened people out there, read this: and perhaps, you'll have a better understanding of who and what tg-girl is. by and by again, tg stands for 'TRANSGENDERED'.

but why did i choose tg-girl? sounds like a superhero, right? i just thought, i am like a superhero, well, not really. i do not save other people. i don't have special powers. and i don't have nemeses. i am like a superhero, because i live a double life, like i have an alter ego. i'm also an often do-gooder, being the good friend i am. i also provide for my family. so in a way, i am like a superhero. my powers? the ability to change my costume in a few minutes. my telephone booth is the women's restroom. i also possess the ability to look gorgeous when i want to. my weakness is my constant need to look at myself and cute, tall boys. my nemeses are the ignorant people who continuously bring people like me down because they cannot accept change and diversity. for they fear what they cannot understand. and so, it is my mission to change the world, to educate the people, and make a better world for transgendered girls and boys.

'ako si tg-girl, ang nag-iisang dyosa ng mga tg...'

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