Friday, May 29, 2009

to have srs or not

while waiting for my brother-in-law to buy toyo, or soy sauce for you elitists, i thought i'll just write something. and here it is.

incidentally, i just discovered i CAN cook adobo. yipee! accidentally at least. haha.

and so, the recent STRAP sgm was held in puerto galera. i, since i had to fly here to singapore and be my ate's unpaid DH, missed the summer getaway. fortunately, dee and pau posted their pics and boy was i ENVIOUS. while i was viewing the pics, my ate glanced upon it and asked if she can see the other STRAP girls. so, without any hesitation, i showed her the pictures on facebook. she had been asking about our advocacy, about the members and whatnot. whatnot is my word for the day. har har. anyways, going back to my ate, she honestly thought the five girls (dee,rica,pau,joy, and of course the lovable sass )looked genuinely beautiful. of course, like the unenlightened masses, she kept on asking who had SRS already, or who had boyfriends or husbands, etc. i answered her with a smile. of course i couldn't just divulge certain information. but i explained that not all members opt for an SRS.

and so, she then asked me, did i have any plans on undergoing SRS. SRS by and by, is sexual reassignment surgery for you unenlightened people. i have explained this lightly to a friend i suspect is a transgendered boy. my friend has asked to have what i will have cut out, to which i told my friend that i will not have it cut out, instead, crudely, it will be turned inside out.

but going back, i told my ate, as of right now, SRS is not in my plans but i am open to it. for me, it's more when you're in a relationship and your partner should require it. though there are times i wished i had the apparatus, i, knowing i would go on one night stands and all, haha. but that's me. i think i'm perfectly happy with how i am, though i will have my tracheal shave and perhaps implants here and there but that' in the future. as my friend says, i will never have 300 kiyaw. but who knows? i might, some day.

i might have SRS, or not. that depends. i'll cross the bridge when i get there.

my brother-in-law still hasn't arrived. tsk.

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