Thursday, September 10, 2009

the dread

after days of deciding, i have finally accepted my fate: that i, possessing such brilliant intelligence and unmatched beauty, am only qualified as a call center slave slash agent. alas, i live in a country that requires a piece of paper called a diploma for even menial jobs. i can't even work as a graphic artist on talent alone, i still need that wretched piece of paper. but hey, if i were a possessor of this magical piece of paper, i would get all the jobs i want.

and so, after the decision has been made, i arranged my requirements for the dreaded job. not tg related, but i just found out my TIN has never been updated, it still is registered under my first office, which was verily strange, for i have been affiliated with 4 companies to date. hmm.

going back to the requirements, one was a medical examination. oh the dread. i always feel dread when i have to undergo this. i don't know about other girls, but i always end up affronted or insulted even. this time was no exception. the nurses were nice enough to address me in a feminine manner, however, mind you, after i put down that infamous letter to designate my sex, the courtesies dramatically changed. but before these un-pleasantries, just a funny bit: i was asked to fill up the bio date forms and after the third page, to my surprise, i almost answered a waiver allowing the clinic to test me even if i were menstruating. so i was baffled. a male nurse then saw my surprise and approached me. i asked about the form and he kindly explained to me that i need to input my menstrual cycle, to which i ashamedly replied i don't menstruate. he apologized and directed me to my seat. after that, i got called MR. and 'Sir', frustrating me. and i got so many looks from the people i was waiting with, looks i know so well. i just shrugged and waited for my examination.

i was actually dreading more the taking of the blood sample other than anything else. but then, the physical examination was too much to bear. of course, since the nurses already knew my assigned sex, i was assigned to a male doctor, to which i noticed a fishy smell... i would have felt more comfortable with a female doctor, but somehow, this clinic made sure i was with a male one. imagine my horror taking off my bra and spongebob underwear to let him see my not-so-female parts.

and like all the staff, the doctor kept on calling me 'sir' without any discretion at all. i thought he would have been more sensitive given his medical background and all. i was sadly disappointed.

i shrugged everything and when my physical exam was finished, i asked the doctor out of curiosity, what if a patient already underwent SRS(to which, the doctor had no idea) would she still be assigned to a male doctor since most clinics follow the assigned sex at birth when assigning patients? doctor fishy was unsure, so he asked a colleague. the answer to my inquiry was this, once a patient had undergone SRS, it means to say that her papers would have to be changed, and as long as said patient have documents backing up her procedure, then and only then would she be assigned to a female doctor. so even if you have undergone SRS and still 'male' on your papers, you would still be assigned to a male doctor?

such was my question.

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