Thursday, September 10, 2009

disappointing ending

that was disappointing.

and so, the sacrilege that is rowena joy is finally over. it is depressing that for people to know how it is for girls like us, it has to be from a gay man's eyes. i remember the question the voice over asks when the trailer for the show is being played, 'will she ever find happiness and love?' that was answered tonight. for the sad truth is, not everyone has a happy ending like in fairytales. rowena joy's bestfriend could not bring himself up to love her despite what she has become, for in his narrow mind, rowena joy is still a man.

but what is the real lesson from rowena joy? even if the titular character is still a gay man by their definition, the filipino family and people depicted there is hope they can and will accept people like her, people like us, for even though the characters are from fiction, they still reflect filipino reality. and as rowena joy said so herself, 'babae ako, kaso parang ang hirap tanggapin ng iba...' (i am a woman, but other people can't accept it).

i had hoped even in this farce of a story, that she will have a happy ending with her bestfriend, unfortunately, not all of us will have our own jay or our own philip.

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