Saturday, October 10, 2009

Rica Paras, the housemate


yup, that picture is evidence that i, the infamous tg-girl, does know the future celebrity and face of transgender in the philippines, RICA PARAS. lol. no, this is not a shameless attempt to ride on a friend's new found celebrity. well, maybe it is. haha.

actually, i am writing this so that once the masses, the intelligent masses i mean, those who have the privilege of searching online in their offices or homes, start typing that name that will be synonymous to educated, empowered, and inspiring transpinay: rica paras, in that search bar, this article will somehow show up. *crossing fingers*

this is my attempt to tell you about a very good friend of mine (honestly) and a very inspiring, empowered and brilliant woman i know. this is for you ate rica.

before i met rica paras, i first read about her in one of the issues of ICON magazine that showcased filipina transsexuals, then still unknown by transpinay, and one of them was this girl named rica paras. this article, of course, was written by none other than that sassy girl. this article was my first preview of that wonderful person and lovable girl. from it i read her story, as she has also told us. she strove ever so hard to become what she is today, from her humble roots, she chose to show that despite some 'imperfections' if you will, she can let her incredible credentials speak for her. she is truly one of the transpinays that can show anyone what a transpinay can do if she set her mind to it. and what we are capable of. and when i finally met her, i was blown away. i knew i had a new sister in her. and everytime we saw each other, she always had that embrace and smile for me, just like a big sister. and she was to me, as all my strap sisters. and i have to admit, i always attended sgm's so i could see her again, and be inspired because of her achievements, to show and tell myself that i too can be like her.

but one of the things about ate rica that inspired me a lot is that, she, being transgendered like me, is loved by none other than a filipino boyfriend. i know i shouldn't put that much stock in filipino boyfriends and prize them as such, but ate naomi, you have to understand, i want someone whose face is mine, whose heart is mine, whose culture is mine. i want a partner i can speak to at the end of the day in my own language, and tell him 'mahal na mahal kita, mahal na mahal.' in pure tagalog. that's all. and so, with ate rica, having a filipino boyfriend, it gives me so much hope that i may find my own jay. that despite being transgendered AND filipino, i am too entitled to a happy ending, just like her.

with her entering big brother's house and well, pinoy media, i feel we have taken one big step. i believe that she will be our face, our voice and our flag bearer. ate rica is an intelligent and brilliant woman, and i know she will change the filipino view of what a transpinay is: that we are not gay men who feel they are trapped in the wrong body, that they want to become women; rather, we ARE women. we are women and ate rica will help us reclaim this identity.

with her own words, we just need to show a little more RESPECT.

to the world this i shout: SUPPORT RICA PARAS!!! brava!!!

to read about the official strap statement regarding this, please click here

and to visit strap's website, either click on the strap logo, or this

be inspired. be involved. i am transpinay and damn hell proud of it!

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