Sunday, September 16, 2012


wow! it's been more than 2 years since i last visited this blog.

and after reading most of the posts, i was just so stoked; it was like someone else wrote these, not the person who was reading them. but here i am again.

 i had been contemplating on making another blog and writing again, so i visited this old thing and the sentiments got me.

so tg-girl is back. but first, some updates are in order... what has happened in two years?

i now have breasts, 36 B in fact.

 i have moved on from the dream that was dave.

 i now have finished college. oh yes. but just from some mediocre school pretending to be the best in IT. wait for my rantings about that one. hell!

 i have, again taken the helm of being the membership coordinator of strap.

 i have loved, yet again, once, twice, three times.

 i know live somewhere north.

 i have, for some reason, now have a surrogate child, my ever dearest beloved leandro.

 i am infatuated with a 17 year old boy. oh for pete's sake. what else? let's find out.

 it's nice to write again.

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