Monday, August 10, 2009

hope and despair

sometimes we falter, but what's important is we stay on track and hope for the best.

that was one of my status messages on my facebook. i wrote that, because, at that time, i was indeed faltering in my dream. i felt, would he really like me for me? is he avoiding me? what if he doesn't realize it is me?

but then, hope sprung eternal.

'Hope is not a dream but a way of making dreams become reality.' -anonymous

now that is my status. for like i often say, even if he does not reciprocate my feelings, even if he turns me down, even if he hurts me, i am prepared. i am even willing to get hurt, if that is what is needed for myself to prove to him my love.

for i want my love for him to be truly unconditional, never asking for anything in return, and can do anything in the name of love.

i don't know, some people might think i am delusional, or obsessed, but i feel sane. i am just very hopeful. and well, i think you really can't understand how i feel if you don't know how it is to have hope. when you have hope, everything seems possible. nay, everything IS possible. and despite obstacles and bumps in the way, we should still keep on track, for the end of the road will come sooner or later.

i love him, and i just do. that is why i shall never lose hope.

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