Tuesday, July 7, 2009

my letter to him

hello again. i've been thinking a lot about you for the past few days. i had been deciding if i should add you or not, on facebook, pero you not answering my last message and well, what happened before makes me decide not to. so why am i writing you again? hindi ko din alam dave, i guess, i wanted to know how you're doing now. and well, i have unresolved questions in my mind. siguro, i'm just imagining things, and i'm just basing what i am thinking on how i knew you back then, siguro nagbago ka na, pero we were bestfriends before right? hindi ko lang alam kung bakit super wala na tayo contact sa isa't-isa, e sa lahat naman ng naging friend ko hanggang ngayon we still catch up. i know i did try contacting you again. i even tried telling you about me, pero it seems you weren't comfortable with it. i don't know. well, most people now know my condition, being transgendered. like i told you, i have this feeling na galit ka sakin for something, and i wish i knew. and well, i am hoping we could be friends again. regarding the reunion, i hope you'll attend. i maybe paranoid pero sana if ever you won't, it won't be because of me. so yun, hope to see you, pero if not, take care always.

*~ here's to moving on.

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