Thursday, July 9, 2009

what now?

in a singular relapse of my often brilliant judgment, i added him up on my facebook account, because i was getting tired of being openly mocked by that cruel online networking site, showing me his picture and his name on my account... i added him thinking, what the hell? it's not like he'll add me right? i mean, he ignored my messages. wouldn't that mean he doesn't want to be friends? i even posted a status message saying


and then i ate dinner, when i got back, there was this ominous red number one sign on the bottom right hand portion of the screen, and i had the feeling it wasn't good news.

and lo and behold it said the words i never imagined i'd see.

i mean, i didn't expect he'd add me. for a few seconds i felt my heart stop beating. my gut reaction? push the print screen button.

so what now? does that mean he wants to be friends? because there will come a time that i'll be online and so will he. what now?

of course, being the overly dramatic thespian wannabe i am, i will blow this up to legendary proportions.

he just added me, that's all. it doesn't have to mean anything.

at least, that's what i'm hoping for, isn't it?

isn't it?

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